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I'm the little sister of Tessie Prevost, and it is my honor to do this improtant work. My parents always emphasized the importance of the education and the support and protectiveness of the black community.  They believed that it was our duty and our responsibility to acquire a good education and to make sure the people in our community were also able to receive an education.  Education was, thereby, the gateway to protect, preserve and support ourselves and each other.

Tory Prevost younger sister of Civil Rights Icon Tessie Prevost
Tory Prevost

Growing up in the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans, LA, I saw my family work diligently to promote voter registration efforts and to organize and operate the voting polls.  My mother actively volunteered at our neighborhood schools, helping to serve the school  lunch and supporting the teachers in the classroom in any way she could.   Our church community also played a huge role in my childhood experiences and in our home in general.  These were just some of the ways my parents chose to extend themselves to their community.


The ultimate sacrifice, however, took place on November 14, 1960.  It is a day that should forever be remembered.  It is a day that 3 little soldier girls, my sister, Tessie Prevost, Leona Tate and Gail Etienne,  along with Ruby Bridges, changed the world, but somewhere along the way, were forgotten.  We have created this website so that they can be remembered.  Please take some time to explore this site and also follow the link to the New Orleans Four Legacy site to learn more about their stories.

Professional Bio

Tory Prevost is the younger sister of Tessie Prevost.  She is a native of New Orleans and a graduate of St. Mary’s Academy.  She also received a bachelors degree in finance from Xavier University.  She Lived in Atlanta, GA, along with her husband, D’Wayne Hulbert and their two children, Deja Hulbert and Derius Hulbert for over 25 years.  While in Georgia, she received her MBA from Kennessaw Sate University and worked in the capital markets industry most of her career.  She and her family now live in the New Orleans metropolitan area and she has devoted her time and her efforts to reintroducing Tessie, Gail and Leona to our communities and to the world.  Her mission is that November 14, 1960 will never be forgotten and that you will always remember the names of Tessie, Gail and Leona.


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